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Our Infrastructure

We are one of the leading Fleet and equipment owners in Visakhapatnam Port to handle Bulk Cargo. We also have Heavy Earth Moving Equipments viz. Excavators, Loaders, etc. of different capacities to handle the various types of Cargo.

    Our Fleet
  • Dumpers 105 Nos
  • Loaders 10 Nos
  • Excavators 8 Nos
  • Trailors 1 No
  • Water Tanker 4 Nos
  • Diesel Tanker 1 No
  • Utility Van 2 Nos

To minimize Equipments and vehicles idle time due to break-downs, we have well equipped Workshop adjacent to Visakhapatnam Port manned by efficient Mechanics for repairs and maintenance of our vehicles and equipments.
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Dumpers, 105 Numbers Excavators, 8 Numbers Water Tankers, 4 Numbers Wheel Loaders, 8 Numbers Trailers utility Vans Diesel Tanker Dumpers Dumpers Loading